A shameless hat story

Did you ever own a hat that fits your big ole noggin perfectly? That’s weighted exactly right for every season? Breathes beautifully? And DOES NOT SHOW SWEAT?

Me neither.

But, here’s the thing. My future daughter in-law does.

And she kindly loaned it to me.


Fourteen months ago.

Since then, that hat has made its way, Flat Stanley like, all over the world.

On my sweaty head.

And, each time I wear it, I think, “Oh man. I have to wash this and send it back to Danni.”

So, I do.

Wash it.

And, then I wear it again.

And again.

And again.

And my big ole head, with that sweet hat, shows up rather frequently on my social media feed. I see those pictures along with everyone else, including Danni, and I think, “Oh man. I have to wash that hat and send it back to Danni.”

So, I do.

Wash it.

And then I wear it again.

Shamelessly, I even pack it, when I know it’s not mine, and take it on trips with me.

That hat has been to Malaysia, for Pete’s sake. I’ve worn it on charity runs, to music festivals, on river floats, to the neighborhood pool, to Pittsburgh, New York, California and Boulder, Colorado. It’s wrong. I know it is.

I need to send that poor thing back where it belongs.

So, I’m writing this post as a mea culpa and a reminder that I need to wash that hat and give it back to Danni.

So, I will.

Wash it.

But I’m pretty sure I’m going to wear it again.

This is the last known sighting of Danni’s hat on her head. Shortly after I took this picture, I borrowed it for the bike ride we took right after this brunch and…
…I never gave it back.
I packed it and wore it in Malaysia.
I look like a dope here because I’m still wearing my super cool anti-vermin hiking socks but I think this picture shows the scope of people Danni’s hat has met.
Including Appleton’s Mayor Hanna.
I’ve hiked all over this country in Danni’s hat. Here it is with me and my girls in Los Angeles.
And here it is hiking in Boulder. See how it curves around my face perfectly? Not all hats do that.
Look at this nonsense! I’m normally quite hat challenged.
It’s a real problem.
Until I scored this bad boy. Poor Danni. I don’t think she’s ever going to get this hat back. (I know what you’re thinking. As many times as I’ve sweated that unsuspecting thing up, she’s probably not going to want it back.) Oh man. I think I’m going to be THAT mother in-law. Sorry Danni 🙂

6 thoughts on “A shameless hat story

  1. Great story! My daughter borrowed my cordless drill 7 years ago for a project, has built or assembled many things, furniture, flower boxes, wedding decorations, shelving etc. I finally replaced it and she’s still creating with it. With any luck, Danni has another hat already :). (Jeff Mullen)

    1. You and your daughter sound much handier than I am! I think Danni has replaced that hat. Thanks for reading 🙂

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