32 seconds

You can’t make a bed in 32 seconds. Or brush your teeth properly. Or French braid a ponytail. Or boil an egg. Or brew a cup of coffee.

But, you can shoot 23 people and kill nine in that short time frame if you’re armed with a fully loaded semi-automatic weapon.

You can hold your breath for 32 seconds, balance on one leg, play a scale on a piano, win a stare down.

But, you can’t imagine the destruction a single person armed with a semi-automatic weapon can wreak in 32 seconds.

You can kiss a loved one good bye in 32 seconds. Watch that person snap his or her seat belt. Start the car.

But, in 32 seconds or ever, you can’t imagine that the person you just kissed won’t come home.

You can cock a single-action semi-automatic weapon in less than 32 seconds, fire 41 times, shatter glasses and bones and lives.

But, in 32 seconds or ever, you can’t explain why this keeps happening.

You can read and read into the Second Amendment in 32 seconds, send an email, dial a phone number, cast a vote, change a law.

But, you have to start.


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