Denim blue and faded up to the sky

Mother’s Day fell during a very hectic time for my son Vinne and his wife Danni. Still, in the midst of moving from Chile to a new home they had purchased down the road from new jobs they were starting, they called.

“I’m really sorry I didn’t get you anything for Mother’s Day,” Vinnie said.

Like most mothers I know, I don’t require gifts from my offspring. Phone calls are enough to make special days even better. In this case, though, I had a different response.

“You did get me a gift!” I said. “You gave me a really cool jean jacket.”

Confused at first, he eventually figured out that he had left his jean jacket at our cabin and I had helped myself to it.

“I’m just kidding,” I said (even though I was wearing the jacket as I said those words). “I’ll give it back…eventually.”

Listen, it isn’t often that the perfect jean jacket lands in your lap right as you’re heading into a Wisconsin spring. I have been wearing that jacket everywhere.

And, for those of you thinking it’s not very maternal to steal your son’s clothes, consider this: Vinnie used to wear my clothes all the time when he was in high school.

He wore my pink pajamas and Marquette sweatshirt to school for spirit week. I happened to be the yearbook advisor during that time and, on another occasion I spotted him as I scrolled through the week’s photos.

“Vinnie!” I yelled. “Did you wear my dress to school?”

“Yeah, was that okay?” he asked.

(I don’t remember the occasion but I think he was dressed as an old woman. How rude. Also, we’re not exactly the same size. Close enough to be a little embarrasing for both of us, but not exactly the same.)

I told him going forward he needed to clear it with me BEFORE he wore my stuff to school.

So, if you ask me, he set the precedent a long time ago.

Yesterday, my mom and I visited Vinnie and Danni in their new, very cool home. I asked him if they’d like me to bring them anything from Appleton. Chocolate from Wilmar’s? A treat from Simple Simon or Whisk and Arrow? Cheese?

He asked for his jean jacket.


Oh very young what will you leave us this time? Last time he visited, Vinnie left his jean jacket. I have been wearing it ever since.
Last known sighting of Vinnie in his jean jacket. See my left arm clutched on it?
I’ve posted this picture on this blog before. Here is evidence of his previous clothes stealing. This is high school Vinnie in my Marquette sweatshirt and pink pajama bottoms. (I’d like to think he got the hops from me too 😉 )
I fought hard but eventually (owing mostly to the 96 degree weather, honestly) I gave that jacket up. I still have Danni’s hat,A shameless hat story though).

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