Small doses of gratitude

I’m taking my gratitude in small doses this year, like the kind of spoon sipping you do as you prepare a special meal.

We won’t have the whole gang around the table this time, but I plan to fill the empty chairs with happy memories. I believe laughter and love ingrain themselves in the wood of special furniture and bubble up through generations.

Old tables and chairs act like external hard drives, storing some of the stories we tell every year (like the time my mom and my grandma dropped the Thanksgiving turkey and it skidded across our kitchen floor) and others that resurface just when we need them (like when my dad got up from the table to give a lost little refugee a warm coat and a ride home).

Happy childhoods don’t leave the earth with the parents who create them. They stick around, like the heartwood of a tree, around which other layers grow.

It hasn’t been my favorite year, but I’m so grateful nonetheless. I’ll raise my glass to family and my four kids who couldn’t swing a Thanksgiving together this year, but, through extreme effort, came very close.

I’ll toast the abiding bonds of friendship and some of the genuinely amazing people we’re lucky to know.

I’ll add good health to the list and mention specifically how deeply grateful I am that those in our family who face struggles are holding their own.

I’m grateful to live in a country that supports (even though it doesn’t always practice) honest discourse.

I’m thankful for music, poetry, comedy, literature, podcasts, blogs and the people who create them.

I’m touched by the postcard my friend Bonnie sent me because not many people take the time to handwrite notes, stamp them and put them in the mail.

I’m grateful for stretchy jeans, warm socks, wide-toothed combs, thick scarves, coconut Greek yogurt, Google maps, daily contact lenses, thermos mugs, commingled recycling, electric tea kettles, Christmas lights, public parks, and every single baby photo that shows up on my newsfeed.

Also, I’m really grateful for you.

My son Charlie couldn’t make it for Thanksgiving this year, but he did come home for a few days before. He posed with me for a front porch gratitude photo, as long as I took a more traditional…
…Jumping off the front porch picture. First, he and his brother Vinnie jumped…
Then they convinced Vinnie’s fiancée Danni to do the same. I’m very grateful these three nuts came to visit me and that no one got hurt in this process.
To be fair, Charlie did get airborne. His timing was just a little off.

4 thoughts on “Small doses of gratitude

  1. I am grateful for your charming and heartfelt ‘notes’ in my inbox a couple of times a week…I grab a cup of coffee, take a moment to read your latest clever take on the world around us and it lifts my spirits.

    Also, Dan and I once celebrated a 2 year old’s birthday, then Thanksgiving and ended with Christmas all in one day on November 10th because that is when we could all be together. 😊

    1. I really love the image of you enjoying your coffee and my posts. Thank you so much for reading them. And a birthday, Thanksgiving and Christmas all in one day deserves a family medal. Happy Thanksgiving Margi!

  2. I’m with you on everything but coconut Greek yogurt and daily contact lenses . When I had cataract surgery last Nov/Dec, I splurged for a lenses implant — no more contacts or the frustrations they used to give me. I am thankful for medical science giving me that gift!!
    I am also thankful for your blog. I discovered you several years ago when wordPress gave me the suggestion. It felt we were compatible since we were both females into sports. Happy Thanksgiving. Let the parades and football games begin!!

    1. I’m thankful to WordPress for introducing me to you and your blog. I definitely think we have shared experiences and interests. I love Lottasports!

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