10 things a mom can love about Incredibles 2

I spent a pleasant, rainy afternoon with the Parr family Tuesday afternoon and, seizure warning aside, I thoroughly enjoyed my visit.

Here are 10 things a mom can love about Incredibles 2:

  1. The mom. Obviously. As Elastigirl, Helen Parr owns the super power all of us busy multi-taskers would love to have. She can stretch herself. She’s also calm under pressure, strong but kind, admirable but still flawed in a way that makes her completely relatable. She rises (quite literally) to the occasions in her life and she doesn’t let her ego get in the way.
  2. The villain. Screen Slaver is the manifestation of every mother’s concern when she sees her child staring zombie-like at a screen.
  3. The Parr family. Ostracized, financially-strapped and occasionally confused they hold their heads high, have each others’ backs and battle back as a team. In fact, there’s the…
  4. Painting on the hotel wall behind Helen Parr. Look for it when you watch the movie. With four geometric shapes on one side, and one on the other, it is meant to support a recurring theme — The Incredibles only succeed when they all work together.
  5. The hair. I mean, of course I am a fan of Elastigirl’s auburn tresses. This really is the year for us Gingers. But, note how realistic everyone’s hair flows. According to this article (which you should only read AFTER you’ve seen the movie, Pixar developed a new program for characters’ hair that digitally grows it from the scalp.
  6. Violet. Angsty, frequently mortified and owning a genuine ability to disappear, the teen-aged Violet both realistically struggles and possesses a super power any one of us would love to have. She also loves her family and eventually takes pride in her own unique abilities and don’t we want that for all our kids?
  7. The score. Michael Giacchino really has outdone himself. Treat yourself and stay through the credits.
  8. The theme. The movie opens with the Parr family outcast, along with the rest of the Super Heroes, because they’re deemed more trouble than they’re worth. Their differences make them scary. Rather than reacting with bitterness, the Parr family carries on with an illegitimi non carborundum attitude and we learn that what makes us different often makes us stronger.
  9. Jack Jack. I always think babies seem wiser than everyone else and, with all of his super powers, Jack Jack proves me right. And he still has pinch me cheeks. Jack Jack’s a real charmer.
  10. Mr. Incredible. I mean, really, how can you not admire a man who thinks his super power is strength but whose real super power is an earnest desire to keep his family safe and happy? I know a fella like that.


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