Music and Miracles

We brought our own inspiration to Rochester yesterday, packed her into the passenger seat and enjoyed her chatty commentary.

But, had we needed it (and who doesn’t?) we would have found inspiration in every corner of Mayo Clinic. You see it on faces, smell it in the fresh air and hear it reverberating through every hallway.

Someone always plays the grand piano in the Gonda Building Hallway and, among the frantic bustles, people always stop to listen.

People greet each other sincerely in Rochester because no one has the time, or the inclination for pretense. If they’ve found hope, they work hard to share it.

Music and Miracles. We’ve enjoyed them every trip we’ve made.

As we sat with my sister Kathy waiting for her to be called into her chemo treatment, a lively woman complimented our shoes. What followed was as life-affirming a conversation as I’ve ever heard.

Three women, all long-time cancer patients, compared treatments, protocol, side effects and remedies.

“Gotta go,” said one of them cheerfully as her name was called and she headed back to a treatment suite. She grabbed a sketch book and headed for the door. “I have lots of art to create and I’d better get going.”

We wished them all good luck and then, wearing our new shoes, my mom and I headed off on our familiar trek to light a candle for my sister Kathy and to visit every place of worship we can find to pray for a long and happy life for all our family members, particularly the one we left behind in the Gonda building.

Consider this a big ole thank you note to Mayo Clinic, for it’s research, treatment, atmosphere, and hope.

We ran smack into the Rochester Area Accordion Band and, of course, we polka-ed on the street.
Every time I come to Rochester I am impressed by its history and its dedication to research and treatment.
I love that Saint Riccardo presides over the Church of Saint John the Evangelist Catholic Church. We have made several visits in the past several years.
The Gonda Building at Mayo is a combination transfer and treatment center. Someone always sits down to play the baby grand in the central hallway and people always stop to listen.
My mom bought a cool pair of shoes. Then she talked us into buying them too. Then she tried to talk almost everyone in Rochester into buying them as well. Then, at the end of the day, she said her feet hurt and these might not be walking shoes after all. Cute though, right?
If the inspiration wasn’t enough, Rochester also hosts a festival every Thursday night. Very nice of that super cool city to host me and some of my favorite people last night.

7 thoughts on “Music and Miracles

  1. Sending prayers & positive energy for healing to Kathy. Please tell her I think of her often & wish her the BEST!

  2. Our morning healing prayers are with Kathy every day. Keep the faith and stay strong. Nick & Roseann.

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