Weathering Wisconsin weekends, fer cripes sake

Wisconsin put on a good front this weekend. She also put on a warm front, a cold front, a stationary front and an occluded front.

In short, she kept us guessing and, as is our custom in this glorious but somewhat challenging state, we rolled with her punches.

Too cold to swim on Friday? We bellied up to a chocolate bar and then checked out Xtreme Air, Wisconsin’s largest indoor trampoline park.

Golf rained out? There’s always Sheephead.

When storm clouds threatened on Saturday afternoon, we dutifully hauled our tubes off the river and headed into the cabin for what turned out to be a four-and-a-half-hour game of Packer Monopoly.

The sun came back out with a vengeance Sunday morning. So, after nearly melting into the pavement at the annual St. Stanislaus Polka Mass, we dove back into the river and enjoyed a lovely afternoon float. Booyah!

In short, we, like almost everyone else we know, made the most of our Wisconsin weekend because there are only 52 of them, fer cripes sake, and, believe you me, we’re going to enjoy every one, ya know?

Too cold for swimming? My nephews and I bellied up to the bar instead — the Wilmar’s Build-Your-Own-Chocolate Bar. We all three highly recommend.
We also recommend Xtreme Air, although Ben and Sam got way more air than I did.
This is Sam in the middle of a fierce two-on-one dodgeball game. Spoiler alert: I did not win.
A nice blurry, sweaty picture of the three of us. It was a great start to the weekend.
When the weather forced us off the river, we sat down to a quick game of Packer Monopoly. More than four hours later, we were still having fun Spoiler alert: I did win this one — and I traded my nephew Ben for Forrest Gregg to do it.
The next morning, some of us headed over to St. Stanislaus for the Polka Mass, which has become a Father’s Day tradition. It was baking hot on that pavement and I don’t know how Bishop Ricken didn’t melt into a puddle.
We found a piney bit of shade for the big tractor parade.
Quite a bit of history Up North.
With every big event, comes the paparazzi…
A closer look at the paparazzi because that little girl in her sun hat and serious expression cracked me up.
This is Reece, who rode his grandpa’s vintage tractor in the parade.
Note the Polish flag.
We enjoyed the mass, tractor parade, and polka bands and we scored a big bucket of booyah. But, it was super hot, so we capped off our weekend back in this lovely river. Ahhhhh.

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