The songs of summer

My favorite sounds are the simple ones — an old porch swing’s slow creak, a robin’s busy chirp, a warm breeze’s whisper through tall grass, a ball’s crack against a metal bat, a friend’s deep belly laugh, a happy child’s splash into the pool, a wave’s steady lap against the sandy shore.

These are the songs of summer and all you need to hear them is an open window and a stretch of time.

I treated myself to both last night and turned an ordinary Thursday into a restful retreat.

Of course, I live in Appleton, where live music is a summer rite of passage, so I also wandered down to Houdini Plaza to hear a little Cool Waters Band with a couple hundred of my closest friends, and that was fun too.

As I walked home, I thought about how cheerful summer sounds — bikes whir, squirrels chatter, fountains splash, children laugh. strollers squeak, owls hoot, camp fires crackle, bees buzz, yogis namaste.

Next week summer officially begins with a solstice that gives us plenty of time to pop a cork and clink our glasses to a lovely June.

I like the sound of that.

It occurred to me that all of my favorite summer sounds are free. Fortunately, in Appleton, most of the music is too. Last night I enjoyed the Cool Waters Band…
…along with several hundred of my closest friends.
This doesn’t have anything to do with the sounds of summer, but I just thought this sign was pretty hilarious. Apparently, we have a strict no giraffe rule at our public events in Appleton and I’m going to have to keep that in mind.
Ahh, summer. Live music is everywhere!
Including on the front porch. You just have to sit back and listen.
Yoga in the park is back too and I like the sound of that. Ahhhhh.



2 thoughts on “The songs of summer

  1. I love the summer if only for the outdoor concert/music festivals! Not crazy about the “no dogs” sign. But I understand not all dogs are socially adjusted and that some people don’t like dogs I guess.

  2. I LOVE that no animal sign. Yes, I love animals, but I don’t need them carted to every event, post office, restaurant, grocery store, pharmacy, Home Depot and everywhere else that I frequent. I’m definitely in the minority, and I know that. I applaud the service dogs but cringe at all of these social support animals of every shape and size that ride around in grocery carts or are carried like they are babies. Sorry for the rant, but I do LOVE that sign. 🙂 We have a free summer music series here too – nice.

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