The Last Day of MollyBandMe

Six years after we launched Molly B and Me with a small garden that only grew turnips and an inventive (though honestly somewhat dubious) recipe for potato cookies, we are moving on.

Molly B wants her name back for her own kind of writing and, as her lifelong fan (and mother), the least I can do is give it to her.

So, we’re moving on and the site will be down for a little while as we mourn the loss.

Nah, I’m just kidding. We’re not mourning. We’re celebrating a fresh new look and a new phase of life that is turning out to be shockingly fun.

Seriously. Who knew an empty nest could be this full of life?

I’m going to keep writing the same style of posts, and I really hope you’ll keep reading because I looked forward to our chats. The name of the blog will change, though, and the URL will too. I hope you’ll follow me to my new home.

I’m working with Half Acre House and my friend Ethan Cook on the new design. I’m pretty excited to show you what we’ve put together.

While the site is down for its big remodel, I’m going to be posting hints about the new name on my social media sites. So come hang out with me there if you have some time. I’ve been having some fun thinking up clues.

In the meantime, thank you so much for six years of a friendship I genuinely value. I’ve enjoyed writing each post and reading every comment. I look forward to telling more stories about some of the cool people I meet and the interesting places they show me.

In fact, just last night I met a woman who invited me into her living room to see her 20-foot tall Christmas tree with 2,000 ornaments…but that’s a story for another day.

Happy St. Nick Day from Molly and Me.

I’ll see you on the flip side.

Potato Cookies
Molly’s first post back in 2011 involved potato cookies. Our kitchen hasn’t changed at all, but Molly sure has. She’s a lovely young woman now, a poet and a deep thinker. I’m sure you’ll get a chance to hear her work in a coffee house some day. You already can read some of her poems in published anthologies. For St. Nick’s, I’m giving her name back to her.


Here’s your first hint at what the new blog will be called: My friend Jill dropped this amazing treat off after we both saw Waitress at the PAC. I’m calling it my Lucky For Her Friendship Cheesecake and it was delicious.

7 thoughts on “The Last Day of MollyBandMe

  1. On the mornings I open my email and read your blog, I smile and know that the day will start a bit brighter from the chuckle and giggles that rise from my heart. I will follow you to your next space in this broad world.

  2. Thank YOU! While I am a relative newcomer to this blog, I have enjoyed all of your writings. Good luck setting up your new venture. Selfishly, I am just concerned how it can be located…don’t want to miss an adventure! Merry Christmas!
    A fellow Appletonian

    1. Welcome fellow Appletonian! How lucky are we to live here? Thanks for following me and I’ll keep an eye out for you through the transition. I hope it’s an easy one.
      Enjoy the season!

  3. Too sweet, Laura. I totally understand Molly wanting and needing her name “back”. She’s turned into such a lovely and talented young lady who I had the pleasure of teaching and reading some of her first poetry pieces. I still remember her Skyscraper and Color poems! I also look forward to continuing to follow your new blog…talent (and beauty) does not fall far from the tree!

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