A funny thing happened on the way to Second City

We saw three of our favorite funny girls on a quick trip to Chicago this weekend, where we caught the one-woman Grandma Mary Jane Show, now playing at the elegant Whitehall Rehabilitation Center; Katherine Biskupic on stage at Second City; and our funny little niece/cousin Erin, hosting a classic, sparkling pink fairy dusted sleepover for [...]

Dear Me at 17

Dear Me at 17

Inspired by Brad Paisley's song "Letter to Me" and the recent Sports Illustrated feature asking athletes to write to their high school selves, I dashed off this note to myself circa 1982. Dear Me at 17, You're tall. It's a fact, not a criticism so stand up straight. All that time you and your friend Diane [...]

For it’s Hi! Hi! Hey! on a 90th birthday and the neighbors keep rolling along

On the day before his 90th birthday party, our neighbor Doug popped into our garage. "Can I borrow your leaf blower?" he asked Vinnie, who had been assigned to clean his father's work bench. "Sure," said Vinnie. "But if you want someone to blow out your yard, I'll do it." "I finished my yard," the [...]

The extraordinary impact of an ordinary life

Like the well-tailored clothes she chose with charming regularity, my Grandma left a legacy of timeless elegance. Yesterday would have been her 100th birthday and my mother urged us all to celebrate with a generous slice of chocolate fudge cake, her signature dessert. She also made perfect peach pie, bourbon balls and chocolate chip cookies, [...]