A Christmas Parade in Houdini’s town

I watched the Appleton Christmas Parade march festively up College Avenue last night and I wondered what Harry Houdini must think of the little city he called home.

Certainly, he must be impressed with the show — friendly ballerinas, bundled babies, 19 marching bands, spirited nursing home residents zipping around in decorated wheel chairs, carolers, fire engines, trucks, a giant grocery cart all promoting a worthy theme:”Our Wish for the Season: Peace, Joy & Harmony.”

I think he also must be pleased with the community’s constitution. A brisk breeze dropped the wind chill factor to 13 degrees, Still, hundreds of families lined College Avenue to enjoy the evening’s festivities.

If they were cold, nobody showed it (especially not the group of young men who ran the Santa’s Scamper wearing only their Speedos. Brrrrr).

I took photos until my face hurt and I could not feel my index finger and then I went home, once again impressed with the vibrant city I, like Harry, get to call home.

They asked if I would take their picture and I happily obliged. We know how to bundle up with style in this neck of the woods.
Cutest family on the Avenue. Am I right?
Santa and Rudolph wished me a Merry Christmas. How great is that?
I wonder, especially on nights like this, what Harry Houdini must think of the little city he called home.
A giant grocery cart filled with smiling grownups.
Barbershop carolers.
There were 19 different bands, including New London and this determined-to-play trumpeter.
I loved all the smiling faces looking out of this decorated bus but, especially that sweet baby. Oh my!
A mobile Nutcracker under the street lights. So cool!
Peace, Joy and Harmony.
I loved the lights on this saxophone. Very festive.
From high atop the engine…
I love the Avenue of Angels
Remember our troops (P.S. The deadline for Holiday Mail for Heroes is early December. Check with your local Red Cross for details.)
Mr. Thaldorf and the Appleton North marching band.
A perfect quote for the season, right?
Peace starts with a smile and we can all do that.




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