T’is the season for Lambeau pilgrims

Even though a brisk wind swirled through making its charming bench seats cold and uncomfortable, and our quarterback played a confounding game, and our opponent shut out the Packers at home for the first time in a decade, Lambeau Field still proved to be a worthy bucket list destination for the people we know.

Mike, for instance, has been a Packer fan since 1962 even though he’s a lifelong Chicagoan. Despite battling health troubles, Mike made his way to Green Bay to see his first game at Lambeau. I took Mike’s picture in the stadium’s shadow yesterday and he said, “I can’t wait to show this to my son.” Mike told me he runs into Packer fans wherever he goes, even during a trip to Grenada.

We had two examples of overseas Packer fans like that at our tailgate. Marcel, who started following the NFL from his home in Germany, and his friend Alejandra joined Marcel’s host family (and our friends) the McKenzie family for their first trip to Lambeau.

My nephew Michael, who lives in Indiana, wore an old school jersey with his grandfather’s number, and brought another Lambeau first timer, his girlfriend Taylor. We really enjoyed the opportunity to hang out with them.

Of all the Lambeau rookies, though, the one that had the best time had to be the kid who sat behind me. An avid Ravens fan, he spent the game cheering loudly and taunting his parents, two lifelong Packer fans.

I asked if I could take their picture, and they said, “Sure!” They asked if I was a season ticket holder and I told them I was.

“You’re lucky,” they said.

And, even with our team’s current frustrations, I have to agree. Even in less than ideal circumstances, Lambeau Field is an ideal place to make memories.

Go Pack Go!

We had a great time, as always, tailgating with Vince’s cousin Ray and Ray’s brother in-law Jim.
I took a breezy selfie with Mike, who has been a Packer fan since 1962 and was about to make his first trip into Lambeau. He said he remembered cheering for my dad back in the 60s, so I was extra glad to meet him.
The picture marks the first time to Lambeau for (left to right) Catherine, Alejandra, Marcel, Chris and Laurel. Artfully obscured by Alejandra’s hat is Todd, a Lambeau veteran.
I didn’t get their names, but this family cracked me up, The very vocal Ravens supporter with the purple cape especially enjoyed his first trip to Lambeau but they all had a great time.

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  1. I’m sorry I missed this! Looks like there were a lot of fun people watching a not so fun game.

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