When life slimes your produce, make blueberry scones

Midway through a particularly rebellious week for our household appliances, I am dunking a fresh blueberry scone into a hard-gotten mug of hot tea and thinking idly about the capricious nature of fate.

Our wily vacuum cleaner suctioned up an unmentionable and earned itself a trip to the Appleton Vacuum Spa, a holistic retreat for overworked dust-suckers.

Caught flirting with the pocket hose next door during a late-night rainstorm, our sump pump  said, “Who me?” when we waded over and woke it up the next day.

Our electric tea kettle popped its lid during an early morning tantrum and, ever since, has refused to snap to.

And, our refrigerator inexplicably froze all of its admittedly meager contents.

Not a great week, am I right?

But, I only learned about our rebellious fridge from the following text I received:

I mean, it could be worse, right?

We’ve given our sump pump a stern lecture, cleared the freezer vents, retrieved our obnoxiously relaxed vacuum cleaner, and risked forearm burns to intentionally ignore our tantrum-throwing tea kettle.

Meanwhile, there are warm blueberry scones.


Life is hard and sometimes scary. Our appliances will always be finicky.

But, all of that annoying, time-wasting stress can lead to something beautiful.

Roast a bag of slimy baby carrots and you’ll see what I mean.

Many thanks to Molly for showing us how to make cucumber spinach dip out of old, accidentally frozen vegetables.

Now, pardon me while I enjoy my scone.

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