The Wedding Song (There is love)

Extraordinary things happen when words marry music on a river bank under a wide open sky.

There is love.

Oh, there’s love.

I thought the setting might have been the most beautiful aspect of a wedding we attended Saturday, held outdoors on a quiet inlet on a perfect Wisconsin summer afternoon.

Then, I saw our friend Hillary, signature curls held back by fresh daisies, barefoot in a white flowing gown, and I thought the bride might have been the most beautiful symbol of the day.

And, then we heard the words, letters written by the bride and groom and vows to “my beloved and my friend,” and I figured they, carefully chosen, tenderly delivered, were probably the most beautiful feature of the ceremony.

And then we heard the music — a father/daughter dance sung by the bride’s grandfather; a reunion of a beloved band; “You are the Sunshine of my Life,” sung by the groom’s mother; a flugelhorn solo by the groom’s father; a rocking set by the bride’s aunts and uncles — and I guessed the music would be the most beautiful memory of the day.

And, then we felt the love — from the non-traditional wedding party in which the bride’s brother stood by her side, and the groom’s sister stood by his; from parents who worked hard to make the day special and still found energy to have a really good time; from an eclectic group of friends and family; and between the bride and groom — and I thought that must have been the most beautiful part of the day.

#HillWedTed this weekend, and, in the end, beauty transcended every aspect of their joyful day.

Congratulations Hillary and Ted, may the love and joy of your wedding day follow you wherever you go.

The first of many tender moments.
The perfect setting for a beautiful, meaningful Wisconsin summer wedding.
A daisy bouquet and two contagious grins.
Peridot performed.
A father/daughter dance made even more special by…
…the fact that the bride’s grandfather sang the song.
The groom’s father plays a mean flugelhorn.

At one point, Hillary, her dad Ric, her aunt and uncles, and her friends led us all in the Fleetwood Mac classic, the Chain.

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