I stand against white supremacy

Did you ever look back on historical events and wonder if you’d have been brave enough to stand up for all you hold dear?

Would you risk your life and those of your family like Antonina Zabinski did to protect Jewish families in Poland during World War II?

Would you expose your home to potential violence, yourself and your sons to arrest, by keeping a candle lit in an upper window and welcoming fleeing slaves like John Rankin and his family did as one of the Underground Railroad’s first conductors?

Would you maintain a stand you took against racial inequity, despite violence, social ostracization and economic boycott, like Virginia Foster Durr and her husband Clifford did in Alabama back in 1951?

Would you post a 32-character phrase clearly stating a position laid out from the get-go by this country’s founding fathers?

I stand against white supremacy.

This seems so obvious to me, a self-evident truth. Then I watched Elle Reeve’s stunning profile of a white nationalist leader and his group’s assemblage in Charlottesville last weekend and it left me appalled.

An American ethnostate would be an oxymoron, and every other kind of moron as well. Here, in this nation, we understand that we derive our strength from our collective character, our freedom from our commitment to that character.

Our food, music, fashion, and literature all draw from the rich medley of our vast cultural heritage. This is what it means to be American.

I think we understand that but, just in case any rhetoric of hate drifted out of Charlottesville and took root in freshly fertilized ground, I think it’s important to add my one, small voice.

I stand against racism, bigotry, Neo-Nazism, and white supremacy.


We are not immune to racial or cultural tension here in Wisconsin, but we do have one of the most succinct and effective slogans.

3 thoughts on “I stand against white supremacy

  1. Thank you for your one, small, self-evident voice. Without every voice, we, yes here in Wisconsin, are in danger of being drowned out. The vile, despicable ‘white vs others’ rhetoric & threats I’ve heard come out of the mouths of women and men while traveling this state the past year, especially against the defenseless, have made me ashamed to say this is my home.

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