The Play is the Thing (a post by Molly)

With the close of my twenty first and final show at Appleton North Theatre this past weekend, I’ve been reflecting on what a wonderful gift live theatre is to those who experience it, in the audience, on the stage and behind the scenes. While I certainly feel sad to end my high school theatre career, I feel even more grateful for the privilege of being a part of something as remarkable as live theatre.

The Play is the Thing

The Winter’s Tale (2012)

It is a privilege to care for a play,

To take home a small piece of the playwright’s soul,

Nurture it with hours of hard work,

Lose sleep while gazing at it, like a baby in a bassinet,

Plant it in the minds of audience members

And watch it flower on a wooden stage.

Journey to the West (2014)

It is a privilege to laugh with a play,

To let it shake your shoulders and redden your cheeks,

Feel your giggle grow into a guffaw,

Lose your breath, find it, and lose it again,

Bend in half around a witty joke,

And trap it in the pit of your belly.

les mis
Les Miserables (2013)

It is a privilege to love a play,

To hold it in your arms and kiss its cheek,

Let it draw a smile on your face,

Hold its hand for a few brief hours,

And listen to the melody of its words,

Tickle your ears and tease your brain.

Caterpillar rehearsal
Alice in Wonderland One Act (2015)


It is a privilege to live with a play,

To smell the air and breathe the wind,

That carries it through the acts,

Lace up your feet in a character’s shoes,

Fall asleep with her thoughts, wake up with her dreams,

Find her eyes staring back at you in the bathroom mirror.

white snake
The White Snake (2016)

It is a privilege to cry over a play,

To reach for it as it walks away from you,

Leave behind a piece of your soul,

In the dog-eared, coffee stained pages of your script,

Then pass it on to the next cast, the next stage,

While a tear traces your cheek and a smile curves your lips.


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