Mayo Clinic offers handwaves and hope

Every afternoon for four hours or more, Joe Johnson stands on Second Street Southwest in Rochester and enthusiastically waves to passing people and vehicles.

His purposefully outlandish dress draws attention, his warm greeting coaxes genuine grins. Having manned his post six days a week for the past nine years, he is one of Mayo Clinic’s most recognizable ambassadors.

“The people love me,” he said when I stopped to take his picture. “I’m the Second Street Waver. I like to spread the joy.”

Stationed as he is between the clinic’s main complex and St. Mary’s Hospital, just across the street from the Ronald McDonald House, the Second Street Waver knows how important a smile can be. He stands in the middle of one of the world’s foremost medical facilities and does what he can to heal.

With its fascinating juxtaposition of history and innovation, Mayo Clinic knows a little something about healing. Every aspect of its bustling, efficient, kind, terrifying, sweet, sweaty, spiritual, clinical, helpful, analytical, new wave, old school facility is focused on that.

Pianos stationed all over the campus invite people to sit down and play, offering both musicians and audiences therapeutic relief. An underground corridor connects most of the buildings, while helpful volunteers patrol its busy corridors with helpful tips and directions.

Retail therapy? Check. There is even a free shuttle to and from the hospitals and the mall.

Spiritual therapy? On every corner and for every denomination.

Artistic therapy? In every building, in the beautiful parks and on the walls.

Founded after a devastating tornado in 1883 by Mother Alfred Moes, the Mother Superior of a Franciscan community, and Doctor William Mayo, a country doctor, Mayo Clinic maintains standards literally carved in marble.

Heroes in running shoes and scrubs provide the best care they know, while others spend late hours in labs researching better options.

People make their way to Rochester from all corners of the globe. We met a cab driver who’d been working there for 18 years. In the back seat sat his small son. “I’ve been working to bring my family over for eight years,” the driver said. “We were finally able to get my wife a visa. She and my kids have been here eight months. They love it.”

Drama, sadness, fear and triumph mark the days in Rochester and members of the service industry are well-equipped to deal with it all. Large buses transport teams of medical students from the school to teaching hospitals. Medical teams consult in the mornings, operate throughout the day, and make their rounds in the evening.

Meanwhile, on an ordinary Wednesday, a kind man stands on a curb, waving flags and offering hand waves and hope.

Chapel at St. Mary's
The chapel in St. Mary’s Hospital is a gorgeous space.
Dolphin statue
The Dolphin statue symbolizes childhood joy and freedom.
Dr. Mayo and Mother Moes
Dr. Mayo and Mother Moes….and, if you look closely, Lauta and Mother Peggy. Until I uploaded this picture I had no idea that we’d, once again, accidentally dressed twinsie.
Episcopal Church
You can pray at a facility of nearly every denomination.
Freedom flower
The Freedom Flower
Healing Hands
Healing hands….on a garbage dumpster.
It’s a busy place. We saw two helicopters maneuver through the roof at the same time.
Marble drinking fountain
I thought this picture of a marble bubbler with the paper cups symbolized the juxtaposition of history and innovation.
This women scooted out of her wheelchair and onto the piano bench to heal and be healed through music.
Piano player
This is the somewhat famous piano in the Gonda Building at Mayo.
Saint Ricardo
Even the saints are doctors. This is a statue of Saint Ricardo and the baptismal font I accidentally back into while taking pictures.
Second street waver
Joe Johnson is the Second Street Waver, and has been for nine years. You can find the Second Street Waver on Facebook.
The Mayo brothers
Doctors Charles and William Mayo expanded on their father’s vision to create the world renown clinic.
The original Mayo Medical School
The original Mayo Medical School is undergoing renovations.
View from hotel window
This was the view from our hotel room. There are healing vibes everywhere.

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