The second grittiest performance at Lambeau Field

The second grittiest performance at Lambeau Field Sunday afternoon took place steps away from the legendary stadium, 45 minutes before the game began.

All week the over under on Katherine Biskupic’s game day attire hovered at an impressive four over (tights, long-johns, yoga pants, jeans), a ratio that had seen the veteran fan through some of the coldest games in recent history.

Social media speculation ramped up as her @PureAndWeary followers spotted her arriving at our tailgate, clomping in borrowed boots. #GoPackGoPutYourCoatOn.

Styling in a vintage Packer Sweatshirt, she nibbled, sipped, chatted and assessed weather patterns.

With less than an hour to kickoff, and an encroaching breeze catching her eye, she audibled.

“Can I borrow your ski pants?”

I held a paper plate over the lower part of my face to guard against any signal stealers, and nodded sagely.

Turn down your TV, and imagine the great Max McGee and Jim Irwin calling this series…

Katherine 1
They’re lining up for what should be the last set of downs before kick-off…
Katherine 2
You know, a lot of Packer fans would remove the footgear before yanking on the snowpants. This is something we haven’t seen before…
Katherine 3
She looks determined, though…
Katherine 4
That last tug seems to have knocked her off balance…
Katherine 5
This could be trouble.
Katherine 6
But, wait! A mighty yank and she’s right back in the game!
Katherine 7
It looks like they’ve sent some blind side reinforcements, Max.
Katherine 8
Nope, nope, just a photo bomb…and that last layer still has not moved.
Katherine 9
The clock management is of some concern. I can’t help but notice the rest of the team seems to be packing up and heading into the stadium.
Katherine 11
But wait! She’s broken through the line and is moving — 30, 20, 10 she could go all the way!!!
Katherine 12
Woooorld Chaaampion Greeen Baaaay Packer faaan!! Whew!
Katherine 13
That vintage Lombardi jacket is coming home!!
Katherine good to go
I have never seen a more layered Packer fan, a record-setting day on Stadium Drive. #GoPackGo!



3 thoughts on “The second grittiest performance at Lambeau Field

  1. Reminds me of one of the bowl games I went to a few years ago. I too got dressed in the parking lot much to my hubby’s shock! Let’s face it…. if someone gets turned on by seeing a woman in long johns, they have a problem.. 😉

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