Happy New Year from Lenny and his 60,000 points of light

If you want to learn a thing or two about the contagious joy of Christmas, swing by Lenny Ruel’s place.

Light by 60,000 lights, he’s been happily celebrating with an increasing circle of friends since 2008.

“These Lights Ruel” have become a Christmas phenomenon, a sophisticated light display set to music and available to anyone who happens or intends to drive by. A pleasant though ordinary Midwestern street in any other season, Ramlen Court comes to life in December. Thanks to an innovative man and his accommodating neighbors, the Ruel house exudes the magic and wonder of the season and highlights any Christmas light tour.

Like the most excellent Christmas gift givers, Lenny offers his with pride in his selection, care in his presentation and altruism in his intent.

We swung past last night and found ourselves transfixed.

I jumped out to thank Lenny when I spotted him adding more printed song lists to the display on the south end of the property.

He said he begins programming the display in the spring, during the Brewer season, listening to the games while he sets up the Christmas display.

He doesn’t ask for anything in return for his year-round labor. The donation boxes collect money for the Children’s Hospital of the Fox Valley and his sponsors only provide material for an improved display.

Next year, the goal is 80,000 lights.

You can swing by 149 Ramlen Court in Appleton any evening between now and January 4 to see this fantastic light display.

Tell Lenny we sent you.

(I didn’t have my camera with me last night and I intended to come back tonight to take some cool pictures, but, after chatting with Lenny, I decided to post the blog today so people will have time to come see his display. It will run from 5 until midnight tonight, from 5-10 on weeknights and from 5-11 on Friday and Saturday.  These phone pictures aren’t great, but the video should give you some idea of how cool this display really is.)

Light display
It’s a regular ranch house with 60,000 lights and a synchronized music display. Lovely.
The still pictures definitely don’t do this amazing display justice. Think 1,000 points of light times 60.
North pole
These poles on either side of the extensive display solicit donations for the Children’s Hospital of the Fox Valley.
I spotted a familiar company among these sponsors.
Ranch house
On a very cold night with a dying cell battery, this was the best I could do to capture the magic in a still photo.  Check out the videos below for a better taste…

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  1. One of the things that I love so much about your site is how you elegantly and graciously pay honor to individuals and small towns that you come in contact with. You have such a noble sense of dignity in the way that you pay tribute to these people and places. It gives a sense of pride to whoever you come in contact with and passes that down to your readers. Thank you for sharing that with us.

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