Yuletide greetings from the greatest little city in the world

I popped downtown for a little last-minute Christmas shopping last Saturday and discovered even more proof that we live in the greatest little city in the world.

Beautiful horses pulled a sleigh full of laughing families right down College Avenue.

Reindeer munched happily on Houdini Plaza.

Ice sculptures lined the street.

I stood for a moment under a canopy of angels, snapping pictures and absorbing the overwhelming sweetness of the scene.

Children, pudgy in their rainbow-colored snowsuits, waddled.  Young couples sipping hot drinks strolled.

Local shops bustled with shoppers eager to spend money. One of my purchases, hand crafted pencils that read “Christmas in Appleton is magic,” summed it up.

Here’s to a thriving Main Street!

We’d like to take a moment to thank Appleton Downtown for the extra effort during this festive season and all year round.

Ice sculpture rainbow snowsuit
I loved this little window shopper’s rainbow snowsuit, and the fact that the guy walking towards her is wearing shorts. Welcome to winter in Wisconsin.
Ice suplture santa and the sax
This elegant saxophone sculpture was the first to catch my eye.
Ice tree
I loved the tall Christmas tree sculpture too.
Ice suplture santa children
This family cracked me up. How cute are those Santa hats?
Ice suplture snowman
Well, hello there, Frosty!
Ice suplture manger and cute little boy
I loved seeing the ice sculptured manger and the little Packer fan who wandered over to take a closer look.
A couple of reindeer stopped by the fuel up before their big night.
Ice suplture horse drawn carriages
I got a cheery hi ho from the driver, and a good look at the beautiful horses pulling this hayride.
This picture is from another festive day in Appleton, when SantaCon took over the Avenue.



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  1. I’ve always loved ice sculptures! How cool! Thank you for being top commenter #5 on my blog with 11 comments in 2014! I appreciate you. Happy New Year! 🙂

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