Showered with love (and remedial art)

Last night I nibbled on chocolate and lovely tea sandwiches. I sipped pomegranate lemonade and held an adorable baby. I mingled, chatted, snapped photos and made every attempt to avoid the task at hand.

My mission? To paint an acceptable piece of pottery for a young couple who deserves only wonderful things.

While I can’t imagine a scenario in which anyone would display my artwork (not even on a refrigerator…in my own mother’s house), I eventually gave it a whirl.

Hosted by a trio of talented artists, this wedding shower took place in an art studio. In lieu of shower gifts, we guests were encouraged to express ourselves with paint, cut glass or mosaics.

My initial plan to commission a piece ahead of time and pass it off as my own failed for pure lack of time and execution.

Plan B called for delegation and I had no shame.

I selected a football shaped chip and dipper for two reasons: 1) Footballs are an unintimidating and solid brown. 2)  The Packer Pro Shop sells cool football chip and dippers and, when you have the artistic capabilities of an orangutan, you learn to find a Plan B.

Told that stencils were not available, I took advantage of the next best thing. I asked one of the hostesses to pencil in a Packer G and a Motion W.

Then I sat down and, with the concentration and crayon appropriate skills of a kindergartener, I painted between the lines.

I wish a whole lifetime of joy for this young couple, who will be celebrating their wedding next week.

And if that chip and dipper comes out of the kiln looking like I think it’s going to, I’ll be moseying on up to Lambeau Field to do a little post-shower shopping for them.

A lot of crafty people put together a lot of really beautiful gifts. I chose a seat in the back.
I can hold a baby with the best of them. Paint a piece of pottery? Not so much. I held on for dear life, but eventually they made me give him up. Cute, handy little tyke.
One of our talented hostesses checked her Packer Ap and traced a perfect G for me.
Here’s the before. Given a choice, of course I went for the football.
And the after…We’ll see what it looks like after it’s fired, but I’m a little skeptical that it will be shower-gift-for-a-really-sweet-couple-that-we’ve-known-for-a-very-long-time quality.
Sister of the groom pieced together a beautiful mosaic.
Mother of the groom (and Christmas Star’s Mrs. Claus) painted a cheerful Christmas cookie jar.
Here’s the beautiful bride. Even her dress, in which she got engaged, is artistic.
Such a pretty spread! It really was a nice shower and I had a great time. We’re looking forward to the wedding next week.

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