Even the wit is dry this summer

But for a small oasis one block from our house, our town has been wrapped in a sepia filter.

It has only rained .16 inches so far this month and the bright summer sun has crisped up our front lawn like chop suey noodles.

Our feet crunch the grass as we putter, determinedly barefoot, around the yard, watering the annual flowers we planted with great optimism earlier this summer, but leaving the perennials to fend for themselves.

An industrious bird family built its nest in our hanging plant. There they dodge a daily soaking from the garden hose so that they can enjoy a green, shady roof. We think they’re aviary real estate geniuses (even if they did scare the baseball caps off us when they first came shooting out of the planter.)

At our cabin, a small falcon in search of a cool resting place flew into our chimney and became trapped. Our neighbor helped release him, thirsty but unharmed.

We place window air conditioners and box fans around our 80-year old house with military precision and enjoy 80-year old discussions on how to generate the best cool air flow.

We’d love to sit on our front porch and watch a good soaking summer storm roll in, but we’re not complaining.

As they say here in the Midwest, “You don’t have to shovel sunshine.”

Here is the football field/baseball diamond barren desert across the street from our house.
To see a rainbow this summer you have to look through the Water Dance Fountain in City Park.
Only the evers are green in our yard.
A crunchy path to a sad, wilted plant.
And the white grass grew all around, all around, the white grass grew all around.
I snapped, crackled and popped my way across the yard.
Is a green fire hydrant surrounded by dead grass ironic? I think so.
God lifted the sepia filter in front of our neighbor Connie’s house. With Irish determination and a well-used garden hose, she’s created a beautiful oasis.
I think Connie’s house deserves a second look, don’t you?

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