And the night shall be filled with music

Dr. Tim Winch used to herald the New Year in our neighborhood by taking a midnight lap around the block playing Auld Lang Syne on his trombone.
Behind him trailed lucky invitees to the Winch New Year’sEve party, whose happy revelry loudly laid claim to one of the coolest holiday gatherings in town.
Sadly, Dr. Winch died in 2005 but he left a legacy of music that, thanks to the wonders of cyberspace, reaches well beyond the corners of our lucky street. All three Winch children are accomplished musicians and two of them released albums this year.
The oldest Winch and only daughter, Tanya, has been singing professionally most of her adult life. She just released her most recent album, Dirty Mercy. Based in Austin, Texas Tanya performs and teaches songwriting within a group called Girl Guitar.
Sam Winch released the Lullabadeer in 2005 and created a whole new genre of coffee house/circus music. On that album Sam performs with a 10-piece band including a trombone. He’s releasedanother album since then and has been featured on various television shows including Grey’s Anatomy.
An accomplished pianist, Adam Winch also writes contemporary music and performs both with his siblings and solo.
Along with the Winches, our neighborhood has produced other outstanding musicians including Cory Chisel, Ethan Cook (American Fiction) and HillaryReynolds (the Hillary Reynolds Band).
Born in this neighborhood and swaddled by the quality sounds of our friends, Molly has developed an appreciation for great tunes and lovely lyrics. We’ve been spoiled by the sounds we can here right from our front porch and, in the case of Ethan, on our roof.
So, even though we’ll miss Dr. Winch and his trusty trombone when we ring in 2012, we won’t be without excellent music and we hope you’re not either. Read on for links to some of our favorite Appleton musicians.
Molly and I tried to upload music from this wonderful album
every way we could think, but this blog is not suited for audio
files. Trust us, though, it is worth a listen. The album can be purchased here:
Here is Hillary Reynolds singing one of our favorites.
Get your own version of Auld Lang Syne right here:

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