Cupid gave her courage

Cupid gave her courage

It’s worth it. That’s what my friend Tanya wants you to know, and, through her vision, voice, lyrics, music and dance she offers exuberant proof. The video for her band Dirty Mercy’s latest song “Cupid give me courage” dropped yesterday, and it’s the perfect Valentine’s Day collaboration. “This song is basically about the fact that, [...]

A Mile of Music, a measure of joy

Grammy winners and grandmas shared VIP status during Appleton's Mile of Music, a four-day festival that celebrated both music and the Midwest, elevated new talent and encouraged Nashville's stars to feel like one of us. Molly and I saw 29 bands in four days; we sang along with old friends, discovered new favorites and expanded [...]

And the night shall be filled with music

Dr. Tim Winch used to herald the New Year in our neighborhood by taking a midnight lap around the block playing Auld Lang Syne on his trombone. Behind him trailed lucky invitees to the Winch New Year'sEve party, whose happy revelry loudly laid claim to one of the coolest holiday gatherings in town. Sadly, Dr. [...]