A toast to my big brother George. The richest man in town.

Until my mother brought a beautiful bouquet (and, inexplicably, a loaf of challah) to our house, I had not considered that this would be the silver anniversary for my husband and me. I often still feel like the college kid who worked long hours on the student newspaper and flirted with a handsome goofball named Vince.
The quarter of a century since then has been busy for us and passed so quickly we hardly ever paused to reflect. Four of our proudest accomplishments from all those years stepped in and, last Friday, they allowed us to do just that.
We celebrated with a four-course meal orchestrated by my oldest daughter Katherine. Rich in so many ways, the meal hardened our arteries and softened our hearts. Each of our children prepared something and, as we ate our way through stuffed mushrooms, salad, braised short ribs, creamy mashed potatoes and chocolate cake, we felt our gratitude (and our waistlines) growing.
Our wedding took place on a frigid Saturday on January 3, 1987.Vince’s brother Jimmy, who was just 13-years old then, gave a toast that quoted one of the Biskupic family’s favorite movies.
“A toast to my big brother Vince,” he said. “The richest man in town.”
Our lives since that toast have been richly blessed by kind children, loyal family and special friends.
And, while it still does not seem possible that 25 — twenty five— years have gone by, I only need look at our four sweet chefs, all of whom have grown taller than me, to know that they have.
We raised our glasses at the anniversary dinner too, grateful for the years and keenly aware of how quickly they pass.
Our four chefs take a quick break from the kitchen chaos for this pose.
Vinnie handled the first course and produced these delicious stuffed mushrooms.
Katherine plated a lovely salad with balsamic herb vinaigrette
Charlie hand mashed the potatoes.
My mom and John brought flowers for us and bread for Chanukah.
Charlie’s braised short ribs. So delicious. We had never had them
before. We had never had a Dutch Oven before either. Well worth
the purchase.
Molly’s double chocolate cake capped the feast.

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  1. This is great! I'm envious of our children's cooking skills and that they all got together to create such a memorable moment. Happy Anniversary again. Susan C.

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