Dear 2018

Dear 2018, We're ready for you. We changed the sheets, fluffed up the down comforter and left a mint on the pillow and a lavender difffuser on the bed stand for you. You're going to be busy, 2018, and we want you relaxed and well rested. We're expecting a lot from you, but we're willing [...]

Here’s to you, friends

Here’s to you, friends

Last night we toasted friendship as we rang in the New Year.  We raised our glasses to the people who make our lives fun, who challenge us, inspire us and feed us delicious food. We'll take any occasion to celebrate friendship, but New Year's seems especially appropriate. So, here's to our friends: To the drama [...]

And the night shall be filled with music

Dr. Tim Winch used to herald the New Year in our neighborhood by taking a midnight lap around the block playing Auld Lang Syne on his trombone. Behind him trailed lucky invitees to the Winch New Year'sEve party, whose happy revelry loudly laid claim to one of the coolest holiday gatherings in town. Sadly, Dr. [...]