A year of quiet triumphs

A year of quiet triumphs

Let's tiptoe forward, past this sleeping cherub of a New Year, grateful for a little peace and willing to tamp down our triumph in order to maintain it. No loud declarations, chest pumping, football spiking, jersey tossing, look-at-me, good luck jinxing, excessive celebrations. Let's approach this round of roaring twenties with a satisfied purr; appreciate [...]

Happy New Year from Lenny and his 60,000 points of light

If you want to learn a thing or two about the contagious joy of Christmas, swing by Lenny Ruel's place. Light by 60,000 lights, he's been happily celebrating with an increasing circle of friends since 2008. "These Lights Ruel" have become a Christmas phenomenon, a sophisticated light display set to music and available to anyone [...]

Happy New Year

But wait! We're not finished with 2012 yet! We're not quite ready to ring in the New Year because we haven't properly capped off the old and 525,600 minutes isn't nearly enough time! We have a few things left on our to-do list and we need to get crackin' Before midnight tonight we'd like to: [...]