A year of quiet triumphs

Let’s tiptoe forward, past this sleeping cherub of a New Year, grateful for a little peace and willing to tamp down our triumph in order to maintain it.

No loud declarations, chest pumping, football spiking, jersey tossing, look-at-me, good luck jinxing, excessive celebrations.

Let’s approach this round of roaring twenties with a satisfied purr;

appreciate the simple gifts we humans sometimes disregard;

celebrate our smiles and coax as many as we can from the world around;

point our opposable thumbs up a little more often in universal gestures of encouragement and admiration;

tuck that middle finger away;

shake our heads in disapproval a little less;

nod them up in acknowledgement a lot more;

breath deeply;


Let’s set our sights on serenity and recognize its worth;

treat ourselves to nice long moments and preserve the best ones for inspiration;

shake off lethargy and disappointments;

sweat, not the small stuff, but in ways that make our muscles grow;





allow ourselves to dream.

Let’s make this the year or quiet triumphs.

Happy New Year! (Shhhhhhhhhh!)

Let’s treat this brand new year like a sleeping baby, a precious gift we don’t want to disturb. And, let’s appreciate the beauty of a genuine smile (and a big brother’s love).

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