My Favorite Photo: New York

My Favorite Photo: New York

To be fair, this isn't my favorite photo of New York, it's my favorite photo of my favorite people in New York. I shot it on our last family trip to New York, which was three whole years ago. I'm about to make up for lost time, though. Even as we speak, I am winging [...]

Live from the Dead Zone — A Guest Post by Charlie

Editors note: Molly's brother Charlie graciously accepted our invitation to guest blog about his Manhattan adventures , south of 30th street in the wake of Hurricane Sandy... After the power went out, everything changed. At 8:30 Monday night, pinned in my apartment by an approaching hurricane, I decided to make nachos for my roommates and me. [...]

We’ll take Manhattan

Molly and I popped in on our oldest son/brother Charlie this weekend. The good news for Molly and me is that Charlie works in Manhattan. We loved every Strawberry Field-matzo ball-Greenwich  Village-crazy cabbie with a heart of gold-Broadway-Times Square-stinky subway-bocce ball minute. We arrived, stored our bags and hit the road to the Time Life Building [...]