My Favorite Photo: New York

To be fair, this isn’t my favorite photo of New York, it’s my favorite photo of my favorite people in New York.

I shot it on our last family trip to New York, which was three whole years ago. I’m about to make up for lost time, though. Even as we speak, I am winging my way East.

This is fortunate because I’ve been bravely battling FOMO for two days as three of the lovelies in this picture, and their aunts, grandma and cousins, have been filling up my phone with texts and emails from the Big Apple.

“But, wait!” I have been responding with increasing insistence. “You can’t do anything really fun because I’M NOT THERE YET!!!”

Alas, in the City That Never Sleeps, you can’t avoid fun, even if you were so inclined because your sister/mom/daughter is stuck back in Wisconsin, waiting for her plane to take off.

While I’ve been patiently (ha!) cooling my heels here on one of the hottest days in Wisconsin, they have been:

  • Enjoying a hansom carriage ride
  • Sipping high tea
  • Gobbling candy at Dylan’s Candy Bar
  • Moseying through the Museum of Modern Art
  • Scoring tickets to two Broadway shows I won’t have time to see
  • Posing for pictures in Central Park

I touchdown, God and Delta willing, promptly at 9:18 a.m. today and then LOOK OUT! I need to eat a little street food, take a morning jog through Central Park, share a deli sandwich, say hello to my good friends Times Square and Rockefeller Plaza, sip a cool drink at sidewalk cafe, people watch…

Best of all, I get to celebrate a milestone (Happy Birthday Charlie!), see my favorite comic duo Pure & Weary perform (Bravo Katherine and Leah!), and hang out with friends and family.

I’ll be back home Sunday and I plan to have a brand new favorite photo of my favorite people in New York.

Here we go!


One thought on “My Favorite Photo: New York

  1. Enjoy. I loved the week we just spent there ending on July 2. Right now, enjoying Chicago while presenting at a language conference.

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