Live at the Met

Molly and I poked our heads into the Metropolitan Museum of Art last week looking for a clean bathroom and a quick diversion. Three and a half hours later, we stumbled out transformed by the sheer number of incredibly cool things we had seen. Our day had started quite early and a little mishap at the airport that morning, which may or may not have stained the carpeting at gate B1 strawberry red, meant that we had to split a single luscious yogurt fruit parfait for breakfast. By 3:00 that afternoon we were starving and the older of our little duo really had to use the facilities. We had taken a long stroll through Central Park when Molly suggested we stop in at the Met.
We bought our tickets and hustled up to the Art of Dissent exhibit, which just happened to be next to the Ladies Room. That exhibit alone was worth the price of admission. It was full of beautiful pieces from 17th century China, all created by political dissidents. After that, I pulled out the map.
“Holy cats, Molly,” I said. “This place is huge. We’re going to need some sustenance.”
Fortunately, the Met has a very nice cafe and you get to eat right in the middle of the American sculpture exhibit.
We wandered through Asian, Egyptian, Greek and Roman, European, Islamic art displays and the great Arms and Armour hall. Each single piece dazzled. As a whole, the museum took our breath away.
I hauled Molly out of there after three and a half hours because my dogs were barking and we had to meet the rest of our family for dinner. Easily, we could have spent another hour or two. We’re adding the Metropolitan Museum of Art to our long list of Reasons We Must Return to New York.
And, of course, we took pictures.

Here we have four-armed Avlokiteshvara,
the Bodhisattva of infinite compassion. We had to
google Bodhisattva, and we’re still not clear. We’re
big fans of compassion though.
Perhaps we could have been more reverent, but we enjoyed
posing like the sculptures.
See caption above.
As if the beauty indoors wasn’t enough, we enjoyed this
lovely display through the window.
I really loved the maternal joy portrayed by this
sculpture and I suggested to Molly that we use
it as a logo for our blog. Then she pointed out that
they were (whisper this) naked and she vetoed it.
Dined pseudo al fresco with a bunch of cool sculptures.
I kept trying to capture Molly and my reflection in the mirrors of
these American exhibits until a security guard mentioned the no flash rule.
Like I said, we enjoyed posing like the sculptures.
Can you spot Molly in this picture?
So then I pointed out the beautiful white American
hieroglyphics with the red background and suggested
we follow them. I just plain ran out of gas.

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