They’re leaping at Lambeau again

Lambeau Field looks a lot prettier after a Packer win.

It sounds a lot prettier too.

I talked about that with a couple of jovial Chargers fans I met as we made our way out of the stadium Sunday evening.

They said they appreciated the opportunity to see a good football game in an historic stadium. (And they loved the prices of the food and lodging here.)

I told them how happy I was to see the return of one of the Packers’ quirkiest, most endearing traditions — the Lambeau Leap.

For a variety of reasons, players haven’t been leaping this season. So, when Jayden Reed hurled himself into the north end zone following his 32-yard touchdown catch, the crowd went wild.

Ever since Hall of Fame defensive back LeRoy Butler spontaneously leapt into the stands 30 years ago and launched an alliterative tradition, the Lambeau Leap has been synonymous with success.

It plays a key role in the franchise’s culture. Like the preseason bike rides, the Lambeau Leap lifts the barrier between athlete and fan just long enough for each to acknowledge and encourage the other. It reminds everyone — player, fan, keyboard coaches — that football is a game and games should be fun.

Games require effort, confidence and enthusiasm as well, and the leaps symbolize that too.

They’re also contagious. They launch momentum and we’ve been missing that at Lambeau too.

We’re going to be limping into Detroit this week with a single healthy running back and a banged up defense.

Hopefully, the leaps we saw yesterday by some young receivers will give us the boost we’ll need.

In the meantime, it was good to see them leaping at Lambeau again.

Go Pack Go!

Titletown looks especially pretty after a Packer win.
The big guy stands a little taller too.
I’m a big fan of the Lambeau Leap.

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