Selling Appleton

Our family expanded exponentially when our sons married their wives, and now we get to have loved ones in nearly every port of call.

How great is that?

But, you know what would be even better? All of the people we love living in one perfect little city.

We began our sly campaign this past Saturday when our son Vinnie’s in-laws came to town.

“Let us show you around,” we said and we stratgically took them to all the best spots.

“You can make your own chocolate bars here,” we said as we made our way to the back room of Wilmars Candy Store. Then we Willy Wonka-d those North Dakota sweet tooths until everyone left with exactly the giant candy bar they craved.

I pointed out Frios and told them all about the homemade ice cream and churros there, and we gave a nod to Simple Simon Bakery as well. Wisconsin Avenue should be subtitled Sweet Street based on all the goodies you can find there.

We headed past City Park where I showed them the Ring Dance sculture by Dallas Anderson. The water is turned off for the season, but, like every year, some kind soul has provided warm hats for all the children and I think that says a lot about a place, don’t you?

We swung into Blue Moon Emporium, the only place in town that loves Appleton even more than I do, and browsed through the unique wares there,

Then we took a little walk downtown, passed the Trout Museum of Art and the Children’s Museum, through Houdini Plaza and down and around Jones Park.

A brisk wind brought a little chill to the air, so we headed right into Copper Rock for some tasty, warm drinks while we tossed around dinner plans.

With so many great choices, it came down to who could seat our party the quickest and, on that barometer, we found ourselves in a Fratellos igloo.

That turned out to be a perfect choice.

I’d like to thank Appleton for making it so easy to show our guests a good time and for giving all of our family members so many reasons to look forward to coming home.

You’re the coolest, Appleton. (Sometimes the coldest too but we can dress for that.)
You’re the sweetest too!
And the kindest.
And the quirkiest. (Forgot to mention our quick stop at Cleo’s).
Thanks for the igloo dinner.
And the river walk views.
We headed north the next day for a trip to Lambeau. At least the tailgate was fun.
And we may have turned a Viking fan into a cheesehead (at least for a picture anyway).

2 thoughts on “Selling Appleton

  1. You are right – a lot to be thankful for in this community. You showed them a good time! When I have out of town guests, I also take them to Pullmans, if not for dinner, just drinks at the attractive bar (or patio if weather permits).

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