A hardy, heart-y Halloween

There’s snow way Wisconsin trick or treaters will ever let a little weather keep them from celebrating Halloween.

Thank goodness for hardy stock!

We saw dinosaurs and super heroes, princesses and dragons, a couple of Imposters and a unicorn.

Our first trick or treater of the night was really just a nice young man out walking his dog, but he humored us with a little trick or treat that took me back more than 20 years. Jonathon used to trick or treat with my son Vinnie and the rest of the neighborhood kids. Those kids have grown up. Some even brought their kids out trick or treating last night. But the magic of those nights and the innocence of those days linger on in our neighborhood and it’s just so evident on nights like Halloween.

It really is the sweetest holiday.

Our tiny neighbor Jane teams up with her uncle and godfather every year. This year they came as Belle and the Beast.

Meghan, our little first grade friend, has come trick or treating with her brothers at our house every year. This year she came as a prehistoric princess accompanied by two giant dinosaurs.

We saw chickens, cows, SpongeBob and Ghostbusters. The cast of Bluey swung by and the cutest little Mickey and Minnie Mouse.

I hope your night was full of sweet memories, cute visitors and treats.

Happy Halloween from snowy Wisconsin!

Jonathon and his sweet dog Patty were our first trick or treaters. He was actually just out for a walk but he indulged me because he’s a really nice guy…
…who looked like this just a minute ago.
In fact, I blinked and saw the whole neighborhood gang from Halloween 2001 (and it helped that Jonathonn’s mom was able to find me this picture). Such great memories of sweet kids on a sweet night.
And we get to make more sweet memories with other kids on our street.
Meghan and her brothers Patrick and Brendan have been trick or treating at our house their whole lives. We love seeing them every year.
We knew these parents when they were kids too! So fun to see them with their own cute family now.
I like when the grandmas come too!
Here’s another little neighborhood kid that grew up and brought her own sweet daughter trick or treating. I love that about this neighborhood!
Belle and her uncle/godfather team up for their costumes every year. Super Mario and the cutest officer in all the land are our neighbors too.
SpongeBob swung by
And a couple of Wednesdays
And a couple of cows
And a chicken.
A unicorn and her entourage.
A shark, a Scream and a scarecrow.
Our neighbor Samantha and her friend.
I love Halloween on our street!

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  1. Our subdivision has around 300 homes and despite the very cold (and damp from afternoon rain) weather, our Trick or Treaters hit the streets. We ended up with about 50 children and most of them accompanied by one or both parents. It truly was a family affair. Costumes were anywhere from home creations to store bought. My tradition is greeting each Trick or Treater with a plastic kettle of mixed candy while my husband took pictures.

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