The season of magic and generosity

Along with its gorgeous colors and fresh, crisp air, October ushers in a season of magic and generosity.

Pumpkins become jack-o’-lanterns and then crunchy movie snacks. Neighborhoods host lively, chattering bunches of children, encouraged to taunt in the sweetest, most polite way.

Black cats spiffy up their fur and walk with pride and winking whiskers.

And the houses burst forth with such creative displays we mortals can only clap in appreciation and awe.

I am always astounded by the effort Halloween’s most spirited revelers put forth in a generous bid to share their love of a sometimes misunderstood holiday.

In the next few weeks, I’ll feature some of my favorite Halloween houses.

Swing by them if you dare.

Mwah ha ha ha.

I’ll start out with the astonishing display at 1509 Cass Street in Appleton. The magic ladies there have crammed so much creativity, spookiness and joy into their half-a-duplex yard that you have to go more than once to take it all in.

There’s a children’s area, dancing pumpkins, a Chucky doll that moves when you pat it’s head and so much more.

It takes a full two weeks to set up the display, which they start assembling Labor Day weekend.

I’ll let the pictures entice you, and I can’t wait to hear what you think when you see it live.


A giant skeleton bursts from the driveway to set the scene. Over his right shoulder you can see a breakdown of the busy display.
One of us especially loved the bubble dispenser, which let loose with an array of bubbles that cough up a burst of fog when you popped them. Great fun!
Here’s a helpful cheat sheet.
Two skeletons playing a ouija board.
This witch has some things to say.
These pumpkins do too.
We also had a heck of a conversation with these guys.
I made some news friends.
I did not “come closer” to that Venus Fly Trap. “We’re not talking about one hungry plant here, we’re talking about world conquest.”
I’ve seen tall skeletons in my day, but never one that tall and wearing a tuxedo!

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