National Daughters Day

I missed National Daughters Day for the best of all reasons, because I was too busy hanging out with one of my own.

Katherine flew in from LA and I got to spend a whole, glorious, busy, fun, hilarious, extended weekend with her.

What a gift!

She kept me on task with her reflexive organization, and we enjoyed plenty of deep-cleansing take-in-this-beautiful world moments too.

She’s my favorite kind of work hard/ play hard taskmaster, which makes her a perfect partner for cool projects and fun.

Monday night, following a raucous dinner with a table full of boys and Katherine’s elegant childhood friend, we relaxed by playing a couple games of Spades.

“Hey!” I said as I accidentally trumped my partner’s trump. “Is it National Daughter’s day?”


Later that night (much later than I’m used to due to the intense FOMO I have whenever any of my family comes home), I took a little time to scroll through my social media and saw everyone’s beautiful tributes to their daughters. I loved them all.

I’m two days late but I’m raising a mug to mine anyway. Here’s to my daughters — the ones I bore who never bore me, the ones my lucky sons married, and the littlest, grandest one with the coast-to-coast smile.

Happy belated Daughters Day! I love you all.

Such a lovely, busy, beautiful weekend with Katherine!
And here’s to my beautiful bread-baking Molly!
And all the cool memories we share.
And the cold, cool memories too!
Here’s to the grandest daughter…
…with the coast-to-coast smile.

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