An abundance of son-shine

I have enjoyed a bumper crop of sons during my tenure as a parent and I am a far, far better person due to their influence.

From my six-and-counting sons, I have learned how to blend a tasty dressing, defend a relentless three-point shooter, sing a college fight song, celebrate an obscure holiday, dance the floss, pour the right glass of wine, feed a gecko, catch a frog, draw a bumblebee, pick a perfect apple, dodge a tag.

My favorite table includes all of them and the noisy meals we share. But I love their updates from afar too — the proud new dad snuggling his precious child, the businessman hosting a well-organized event, the college student picking up his first book, the high school freshman making a new friend.

As I’ve watched each of them steel his shoulders in the face of challenge and march forward, my view blurs with poignant pride.

They are among the bravest people I know.

I’ve scrubbed more toilets than Mr. Clean, nursed some broken bones and hearts, and weathered a tantrum or too.

But I recognize the privilege in these tasks and the role I get to play in some very cool lives.

Happy belated sons day to six very fine young men. I love you all.

I tailgated ahead of last night’s Packer game with this fine gentleman.
And I always have a great time with this man and his wife Danni.
Many thanks to this family man and his wife Tara for making us grand and great-grand parents.
Family gatherings are always better with these two guys in the kitchen.
And river floats are even more fun with these four in the tubes.
I saw this on an Instagram account I follow and it sums up exactly how I feel. I’m not including pictures of all the young gentlemen in my life because I’m trying to tell my stories without oversharing theirs. But, I also want them to know how special they are and how lucky we are to know them.
Motherhood, man. It’s the best.

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