You know you’re in Wisconsin for the Fourth of July when…

You know you’re in Wisconsin for the Fourth of July when you have to duck quickly to avoid getting bonked on the head by a flying hunk of string cheese during the annual Bonduel parade.

When a fistful of fresh strawberries you grabbed from the field tastes like sweet sunshine.

When the fish you eat for dinner swam in the same lake you did earlier that day.

When you set your chairs and blankets out for the big fireworks display nine hours before you’re going to attend.

When you swing through Kwik Trip on your way Up North.

When the rivers run low and slow and you can while away hours floating down them.

When you sing around the campfire and the coyotes join in.

When the parade bands play polkas.

When the firefighters pass a boot to collect for muscular dystrophy.

When the small boy next to you stands with his hand over his heart while the high school band plays the National Anthem.

Hope you all had an excellent Fourth of July wherever you celebrated!

It’s not the first time I’ve nearly taken a hunk of cheese to the noggin at a Wisconsin parade and I never mind a bit. That cheese was ice cold and delicious!
We had to duck the water pistols too but no one minded getting a little wet.
You know you’re at a Wisconsin Fourth of July parade when a corn on the cob drives up the street.
And everyone dresses like an American flag.
And a van that is almost as cool as a blue mist metallic VW Beetle drives by.
And the sweet kids next to you stand and honor the flag. (They share their parade candy too!)

3 thoughts on “You know you’re in Wisconsin for the Fourth of July when…

  1. Bonduel, my home town. I see it hasn’t changed much. Fourth of July has always been an event. Before Hwy 29 was moved, traffic lined up for miles because of the people headed up north who didn’t know to get through before the parade. Thanks for the memories.

    1. Thank you! P.S. I remember being stuck on the wrong side of that traffic way back when!

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