A new era in Titletown

I don’t know why so many Packer fans still labor under the illusion that great football teams require dynastic quarterbacks.

In the past 31 seasons, we’ve had two such quarterbacks – Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers – and, during that stretch, we have exactly two Super Bowl trophies to show for their efforts.

That’s a monumentally frustrating 6.45% win streak.

While I will always be grateful for the magic those two players brought to the football field, I also wonder how many more of those Lombardi trophies we might have if we could have let go of the notion that quarterbacks singularly run the show.

Great defenses can drive their teams all the way to the Super Bowl. The Monsters of the Midway did that in 1985 and the Bears have a Super Bowl trophy to show for it. The Steelers won four Super Bowls in six years on the back of their defense, the Steel Curtain.

Running backs can elevate a whole franchise too, like Emmitt Smith did for the Cowboys in the 90s when they won three Super Bowls including two back-to-back.

And wide receiver Jerry Rice did the same for the 49ers during their three-Super Bowl run.

So, while I am interested to see what Jordan Love brings to the table, I am equally invested in players like De’vondre Campbell, Jaire Alexander and Kenny Clark because I’d love to see the Packers make a run this year on the back of a good, old-fashioned, stifling, nickname-earning defense.

I’d also love to see Aaron Jones and A.J. Dillon have the kind of stellar season that not only motivates this new Green Bay team, but also shows the NFL that running backs can still make an impact on the modern flash-and-dash game.

Fans can also define a team, just like the 12th Man did for Seattle. So, that’s on us.

We’re looking at a new era in Green Bay starting this season.

Let’s make it great. Go Pack Go!

I’m looking for some fireworks this season from athletes capable of delivering them.
I saw some fireworks during an away visit to Heinz Field/Acrisure Stadium. Back in the seventies, guys like Mean Joe Green led the Steeler defense to four Super Bowl titles. The Steelers started the 1976 season 1–4 and lost quarterback, Terry Bradshaw. For the last nine games of the season, Pittsburgh had five shutouts and only allowed two touchdowns (both in a single game), and five field goals. A good defense can carry a team.

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