Are you okay, May?

You’re better than this, May. I know you are.

You’re the month of lilacs, lily of the valley and optimism. We look to you, May. You’re our gentle ferry to summer.

We turn that calendar page from April and take a deep, apple-blossom-scented sigh of relief, because we know we’ve made it through the dark days. Of course, we love those first four months of the year just as much as the rest, but I think we can all agree they’re a little more challenging.

You’ve always been our easy month, May, the month of fresh sunshine and morning dew. You have some of the year’s best days — Mother’s, Graduation, Derby, Memorial and Cinco de Mayo.

So, how do you think we felt when we woke up Monday morning to snow? We felt a little shocked, betrayed and, frankly, cold.

We expect that from some of our other months, but not from you, May.

Are you okay? Do you need a fidget, a snack and a snuggle? Can we take a little walk and talk about things?

We all make mistakes and we can get past this one too. Who among us hasn’t slipped up a time or two, accidentally froze out a whole state without even realizing we’d been rude?

We get it. We just need you to be a little more intentional with your warmth this year. We know it’s in there, you just have to work a little harder to let it out. Be you, May. Don’t let a couple of random weather patterns get you down.

So, let’s start fresh.

Today’s your day, May. Fire up that sunshine and tamp down the wind.

Let’s go!


This isn’t like you, May, and I’m starting to think you’ve been hanging around a little too much with that troublesome April.
My poor neighbor had to trudge through sleet and snow to hang her sweet May Day baskets this year. (Sidenote: Many thanks to Diane for the delicious homemade caramels.)
You’re looking a little peaked, May, and I’m starting to worry about you. Are you okay?
Listen, we’re not mad. My friend Kathy and her granddaughter June even made this lovely May snowman out of Grape Hyacinth and sedum. We’re here for you, May. You’ve got this. (PC: Kathryn Koll).

3 thoughts on “Are you okay, May?

  1. Your not alone. We got 2 inches of May snow Tuesday, Good old Colver weather. Got some more this morning Keep the faith or bite your lip. PS My garlic looks great standing tall in the snow, Nick

    1. I’ll bet it does! I hope Colver’s snow has melted and that May will start behaving for all of you as well.

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