Summer breeze makes us feel fine

A warm wind blew some perfect summer days into Wisconsin last week and we sent a kite up to say thank you. This is what we wrote on its wings (with our imaginary pen):

Thank you for the open widows and the sweet, fresh air;

for giving our tired boots and mismatched mittens a break;

for the packed playgrounds and busy park swings;

for making the food taste so much better because we got to eat it outside;

for melting all that dirty snow;

for coaxing those crocuses out of the ground;

for the vitamin D;

for the easy peasy lemon squeezy shorts and T-shirt mornings:

for the honest sweat;

for the lonely tablets that spent days on the counter, unclaimed and unused;

for those first few buds on the trees;

for the optimism;

for the joy.

We loved having you and can’t wait to see you again.

Hurry back!


Thank you for reminding us how much fun it is to fly a kite;
And for turning the grass green;
And for luring us all away from our screens;
And for golden hours;
We sent our note as high as it would go. Thank you, summer breeze. Ya’ll come back again, soon. Ya hear? Please?

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