Grandma Peggy meets her namesake

My mom called me from her flip phone on a sunny spring day.

“Laura,” she said. “I can’t do Facetime but I want you to know that our baby is beautiful.”

I know this, of course. “Our baby” is my mom’s great-granddaughter, my granddaughter Margo Lake, and, like all baby humans, she has grown even more beautiful with every miraculous, increasingly animated breath she takes.

Mostly, we’ve tracked our little peanut through a shared Google album Margo’s parents and various relatives update daily. We also enjoy following my son Charlie’s Instagram account for frequent posts on his tiny playmate.

We are always delighted to see her pictures and videos.

But, man oh man, those in-person visits are a special treat.

So, I was thrilled to hear that my mom and my sister Kathy were enjoying their visit with my little New Jersey bagel.

They’d traveled 2,356 miles roundtrip to spend 24 hours with Grandma Peggy’s first great-grandchild. And they loved every minute.

As I’ve mentioned before, Margo is named for all four of her great-grandmas, Marion, Mary Jane, Marie and my mom, Margaret. A fifth Mar accompanied my mom on her Margo visit, my sister Kathryn Mary.

They got to enjoy some cuddle time, a nice, long walk and dinner al fresco. A retired English teacher, Grandma Peggy also left Margo a cool book recorded in her voice.

You might wonder if I got a little wistful seeing all that cuteness so far away. But I am far too mature for such nonsense.

I’m headed to Margo’s next week.

Just look at that little New Jersey bagel in her Wisconsin Oshkosh B’gosh!
And just look at that little New Jersey bagel with her Wisconsin great-grandma, by gosh!
My sister Kathy (Kathryn Mary) is a big fan of Squishmallows and her great-niece Margo.
They all enjoyed a nice long walk and an apparently delicious dinner al fresco.
Her Aunt Katherine, who sent her this cute little deer onesie, also gets to see Margo next week. So does her Uncle Vinnie and Aunt Molly. So do I!!
Here’s a little snippet of the Great-Grandma Peggy recording. So precious.

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