Hope, love and family spring eternal

In the midst of a snowy week I am enjoying some optimistic signs of spring.

Most of my little birds are returning to the nest for a nice long hang. Like rays of sunshine poking through the grey, sleety skies they’re gathering as we speak. By Thursday night, we’ll have a nice big group to do nothing but enjoy each other’s company (and Facetime our youngest, newest, sweetest, most miraculous family member and her parents).

We’re celebrating all the ordinary things that make life so special — good food, fresh air, long walks, laughter and, if I’m really lucky, a little music around the fire.

We’re all excited to see each other — our little people enjoy fresh faces and our big people bring so much fun.

When your family is scattered coast to coast every minute you get to spend with them becomes precious time. So, the morning clatter of coffee mugs, the kitchen chatter as pots and plates bang, the door creaking open as another group arrives, the stamping of snow off shoes and boots, the banter over cards, basketball and ping pong all become the kind of music you want to memorize so you can play it over in your mind during quieter days.

We’re all very grateful to gather in this city that raised them so well, and on the land that has brought them so much joy.

Here’s to the full nests of spring!

We love when the big kids come to play!
I picked these two up from a red-eye yesterday. It’s so good to see them!

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