Funday morning coming down the sled hill

If you’re lucky enough to live next door to a sled hill, you might wake up early on a perfect February morning, lounge around in your jammies, have leftover birthday cake for breakfast, bundle up, head over to the hill, race your brother down, catch some air off a jump, make an angel in the snow, build a snowman and have a cup of hot chocolate, all before noon and while still wearing your jams.

You might meet a classmate on the hill and spend a pleasant morning cheering each other on. You could run outside with an old bag of grapes and some carrots you’d rather not eat and turn those into your snowman’s eyes, nose and bellybutton.

And, maybe, in those moments you might not need to think about anything at all except how great it is to be a kid from Wisconsin on a nice sunny day.

We did a lot of racing down the hill yesterday and the grownups didn’t win a single one.
How ’bout that hang time?!
We’re not always angels, but sometimes we make them in the snow.
The snow wasn’t as packy as we thought, so we had to improvise a little.
We think he turned out pretty well!
This was my view Saturday morning and I thought it was just beautiful.

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