A chipper goodbye

I hosted a goodbye party for February yesterday, but don’t feel bad that you weren’t invited.

I kept the guest list pretty small –just me, the shortest month, a couple of shovels and about a million yards of the thickest non-rink ice I’ve ever seen.

I really should have invited Mr. Zamboni. He would have loved it.

I mean, anybody would, right? The wacking, chopping, hoisting, scooping and dumping went on for a good two hours. There’s nothing more festive than the sound of an ancient metal shovel scraping icy cement.

I feel kind of sorry for people who don’t live in north-facing corner houses on the thumb side of Wisconsin. You’ll never know the satisfaction of smacking and shattering a thick sheet of ice, then sliding your shovel underneath and tossing it all on a snow bank.

You might have caught me cursing all that February ice in other years. But, not this one.

No, this year I smiled as I made my way ever so slowly down the sidewalk. Each time I smacked that old chopper down on the ice, I felt like I was high-fiving February.

It’s been an exceptionally good month around here, the month that brought us our first grandchild and a whole bunch of other good news.

So, I didn’t mind the work (though my poor chopping muscles are a little under the weather today).

I appreciated the opportunity to give a little something back to the month that has brought us so much joy.

See you next year, February.

We’ll have a real party then.

Here’s my before shot with my ancient metal shovel.
It wasn’t actually a million yards, but it sure felt that way. Those footprints were frozen in there.
There’s something really satisfying about scraping a thick layer of ice off a sidewalk ( especially one as busy as ours).
Ta-Da! See you next year, February! You were a lot of work but you brought us so much joy.

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