No Lion, I was grateful to be there

If I could, I would have written a better ending to the Packer season.

It would have wrapped up in Arizona with a Super Bowl win following one of those glorious I-told-you-so rolls through the playoffs we Packer fans could practically taste.

But, I don’t write fiction here and, in truth, the Packers did not generate enough momentum to erase the malaise that plagued them all season. Those moments of defensive dominance and offensive acrobatics ended up just reminding us of how cool this season could have been if everything had clicked the way we’ve come to expect it to.

Meanwhile, my sister Kathy and I had to hold our own in Section 117, surrounded by some cool Detroit fans, some even cooler Packer fans, and a den of actual lions that turned surly as the game wore on.

Honestly, though, it felt really good to be back in that old stadium with my sister. Sometimes, the things we cheer for transcend the action on that field.

That’s the truth of sports and why we humans love them so much.

I popped into the Packer Pro Shop yesterday on my way into the stadium to pick up a jersey I’d pre-ordered. As I waited for my jersey, I noticed a bunch of others waiting to be picked up. Among them, were several Number 3 Hamlin Packer jerseys. How cool is that? Some fans thought to call ahead and order jerseys to honor a player from another team who has been on all of our prayer lists since his alarming injury last week.

I love that.

I hope we rebound next season, that we bounce back with the kind of vengeance that says this is our stadium, our team, our division and our trophy.

But, even if we don’t, I’ll always be grateful to sit in Section 117 with my sister and hold our own against the crazies there.

Go Pack Go!

It had been a while since the two of us sat in those particular seats and we were both pretty thrilled to be there. Section 117 is a hike to get to, but it’s worth it.
Then the actual lions started to show up.
and they had no pride (that’s just a little play on words. They got kind of annoying as the drinks flowed, but I think they had some pride.)
We were surrounded by Detroit fans but some of them were cool.
This one even posed for me while he consumed his first cheese curd.
Of course, we wish Jamaal Williams. How could you not?
And this scene will always warm my heart. Go Pack Go!

6 thoughts on “No Lion, I was grateful to be there

  1. I have missed section 117! Not so much the crazies that always end up near us, though the young Lion fan next to me was very nice.

  2. As i stated both of our teams stunk this year, Maybe they both will smell better than the garlic next season ? NO PACK NO

    1. Ha ha! I should have forwarded the garlic to 1265 Lombardi Avenue. Maybe it would have brought them luck.

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