Snow Angels

Children can be wild and unpredictable, much like Wisconsin weather in the winter.

Sweet and sunny on a Monday afternoon, surly and soupy the whole next day. You wonder, sometimes, why you live where you do.

And then…

“I’m going to write hearts in the snow for people to see them and smile.”

“Look! I wrote the word ‘love’!”

Those magical moments appear — a glint of sun off a snow-covered branch, a glorious sunset over a frozen lake, two little boys writing messages in the snow — and you think, ah yes! This is the life.

And you know you wouldn’t trade it with anyone.

It happened spontaneously last week as we walked home from school.
They got the idea to leave messages for people in the snow.
You might have seen them as you walked down Drew Street.
All things considered, we live in a pretty great state.

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