December’s magic

How fortunate that throughout the ages of reason, December’s magic prevails.

You see it everywhere — on modest lawns brilliant with holiday displays, in the twinkle of a crossing guard’s eye, within the arms of a high school Santa Claus, in a tidy stall of a brand new stable.

December’s magic rises like the moon and sends light into the darkest places.

Evidence of our human frailties lies just a click away and it’s sometimes hard to absorb the awful truth and to find a path forward. But it is equally easy to find proof of our infinite capacity to love. The same internet that bombards us with evil can bring us plenty of examples of human kindness and joy.

And, if technology gets you down, you can just turn it off. Take a walk through your neighborhood and wonder at the care some of your neighbors have taken to spread a little holiday joy.

Sing a Christmas carol.

Walk a dog.

Call a friend.

We hope you find a little magic this December and that you send it back out into the world.

Merry Christmas season and peace on this gorgeous old earth.

We have been taking in some of the amazing light displays in the area. We’re pacing ourselves so we can enjoy each one and also so the magic lasts all season.
It’s truly inspiring to see how much work people put into their yards.
We found December’s magic in some quieter places as well, like in the cozy stall of this brand new stable.
We attended a screening of the Grinch at Hortonville High School and can’t say enough about how kind and how fun the DECA representatives were. December works its magic on teenagers too.
I promise this shot was not staged. You can find December’s magic in a sunset over a railroad track on Sunday walk home from the park.

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