The First Snow

I am not always a fan of firsts.

First day of school? I was the mother thinking, “Yes, you look adorable lugging that crisp oversized backpack on your tiny shoulders and looking at me with that big missing-tooth smile, but wouldn’t you like to stay home with me a few more years? I can teach you things. I think.”

First gear. Bo-ring.

First base. The position they stick you in when you have long arms and aren’t particularly agile.

Firstfruits. I like to give my produce a little more time to ripen on the vine.

First snow. Argh!

I’m always a little cranky when I see that first snowfall push its way into the weekly forecast. The prospect of snow means slippery roads, wet mittens, missing mittens, fights over who gets to wear what mittens, clomping boots that leave wet prints on the carpet, cold.

In preparation and anticipation, that first snowfall does not excite me.

In execution, though, the first snow takes my breath away.

I like the way it gussies up tree branches so recently laid bare. I enjoy looking at tracks in the snow and wondering which creature made them. Were they moseying or in a hurry? Did they walk alone or with a furry friend?

I love a good snow angel and a hearty snowball fight. And you know I love to sled ride.

We had our first measurable snow of the year this week and, while it wasn’t enough to require a shovel (thankfully), it was just enough to remind us of all the magic winter offers us if we just stop grumbling and get outside to enjoy it.

Let’s go.

I thought this scene did a great job of showing winter approaching from the south, and fall exiting to the north.
I’m not sure what these bright red berries are, but I think they looked cool against the new white snow.
Caught this lovely scene on the way home from my morning walk to school. Of course I prefer that park under a warm summer sun and full of laughing children, but it also looks dignified and serene in the snow.
I really don’t know how they do it. Brrrrrr!
These geese were not so hearty. I heard them honking at each other as I walked past. “I’m not going in, you go in!” “I’m not going in there! It looks cold!” “Are you crazy? There’s ice in there! Take a gander!”
A little friend of mine made this snow angel, the first of the season. (And may snow angels watch over all children everywhere.)

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