A pawsitively purrfect afternoon

My friend’s a cool cat, so when he said knew a great place for a su-purr-erior caramel macchiato, I said, “Pawsome! Let’s go!”

He directed me to The Pawfee Shop, a tasty cafe with a mission. The place is split in two equally sweet halves. On one side of a glass wall bustles a traditional bistro and on the other lounges in luxury a room full of cats who are all waiting to be adopted.

It’s pawsitively purrfect.

We purchased our drinks and then brought them next door to the kitty sanctuary, where we sipped a little and watched those cats dance.

You can visit the kitty sanctuary anytime during their posted hours and, with a purchase from the cafe or a donation you can stay and play. All of the cats are adoptable through Safe Haven Pet Sanctuary, a 501(c)3 no-kill, cage-free cat sanctuary and rehabilitation center that rescues kitties with special needs & disabilities.

I thought all those cats might freak meow-t because I’m allergic to their furr, but I had a great time anyway. It was fun to see the range of purrsonalities and the way they interacted with their guests.

I enjoyed the witty decor and the impressive accatrements. In one corner of the room, a large dark grey cat enjoyed a little screen time while another more energetic kitten chased a toy dangled by another guest. Several cat napped from various purr-ches and others sashayed past with a Nora Desmond, “You may pet me now” cattitude.

If you’re feline sad, and need a pick-me-up, I recommend a visit to the Pawfee Shop.

The kittens lounge in the lap of luxury.
I saw this one enjoying a fish video. (The glare is furrmiliar to me. I know other cool cats who don’t like to be interrupted from their screen time.)
Purrty impressive statistics.
A glass wall separates the kitty sanctuary from the cafe.
The litter-arture is on point.
The cat-themed cafe offers delicious drinks and baked goods.
The macaroons are also on point.
I recommend a visit. I know I’ll be back because I have some other young purrsuasive friends who want to take a peek.

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